Building with purpose

“Our Story” at AI Bob begins with Elin Mårtensson, our Co-Founder & CEO, who embarked on her professional journey at KTH in Stockholm, specializing in finance and construction. Alongside her academic pursuits, Elin took up the role of guiding a visually impaired individual, an experience that brought to light the numerous challenges faced by physically impaired individuals navigating the built environment. This role was pivotal in shaping her understanding of the critical need for accessibility in building design and the far-reaching impacts of neglecting such considerations.

Elin’s career then progressed to several years as a project manager, where she led major construction projects at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield and the City of Stockholm. Her role in these projects not only honed her management skills but also deepened her insights into the complexities of the construction industry. Eager to expand her expertise, Elin pursued further education and attained certification as a building regulation expert, with a particular focus on accessibility. This blend of practical experience and specialized knowledge laid the foundation for what would become AI Bob’s mission: to innovate and streamline the architectural design process with an emphasis on compliance including accessibility.

"As I see it, AI is the technology needed to revolutionize this process—a completely innovative solution. We utilize a drawing, correcting it based on legal text. The goal is simple: alignment or identification of deviations from the legal text. The drawing and the text should seamlessly match."

Elin Mårtensson, Co-Founder & CEO of AI Bob

From frustration to innovation

AI Bob was sparked from Elin’s frustration with slow and unreliable review processes in the construction industry. Tired of lengthy lead times and frequent mistakes, Elin sought to create a data-driven solution that streamlined this inefficient process powered by AI.

AI Bob is the realization of this vision, transforming the architectural design and review process into a more efficient and accurate operation. By integrating AI with standard industry tools such as Revit, AI Bob significantly reduces lead times and minimizes errors, offering a faster, more reliable approach to construction planning and compliance.

Elin’s expertise in accessibility, combined with Co-Founder Petter Wallberg’s pragmatic approach, led to the creation of AI Bob. This tool embeds AI-powered analysis within Revit, aiming to provide instant feedback, save critical review time, and notably decrease construction errors.

AI Bob not only addresses the immediate challenges faced by architects and builders today but also envisions a future where AI enhances construction quality while minimizing the industry's environmental impact.