AI for architects

We automate the compliance review of blueprints for efficient, smarter, and more sustainable construction processes.

Go from weeks to minutes

AI Bob offers architects a way to automatically check building regulations directly, while working with the drawings. This means they can get detailed lists of what they need to fix right away, reducing the long review process to just a few minutes.


Smooth integration with Revit from autodesk

Real-Time monitoring

Monitor the progress of the review process in real-time by checking which regulations have been met and which are still pending.

All imported to Revit

Allowing users to create and assign tasks without required access to Revit.

Real-time compliance guidance

AiBob provides instant answers to your compliance questions, making it easier to adhere to industry standards.

About us

Rethinking construction compliance

Research from “The Get It Right Initiative” (GIRI) indicates that the costs of construction errors in the United Kingdom represent 21% of the total project costs, amounting to 21 billion pounds annually in both direct and indirect expenses. In Sweden, the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket) estimates in its report “Mapping of Errors, Deficiencies, and Damages in the Construction Sector” that the cost of construction errors varies between 83-111 billion Swedish kronor annually. These costs are often caused by time pressure and lack of knowledge during the planning phase. 

We see our AI solution as not just as a chance to reduce construction costs but as a critical opportunity to significantly lessen the environmental impact of the construction sector.

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